An important element of my work has been the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with those who are entering the professions. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach both formal University modules and a wide range of training days and seminars.

Regular teaching and lecturing is an integral part of my consultancy and I additionally provide tailor-made training days for organisations and professional associations.

Training days

The Archive Skills Consultancy; Basic Archive Skills Training Day

These take place on average three times a year and I provide an hour's presentation on the Preservation of archives.

Additionally, I provide training days for organisations on site for set groups of staff and these include:

  • Preservation Policies
  • Disaster Planning
  • Handling and Good Housekeeping

Formal Academic Teaching

My formal teaching has required me to produce a suite of PowerPoint presentations, handouts and bibliographies to aid and guide students.

Liverpool University (1999-2008); Centre for Archive Studies; Master of Archives and Records Management

I provided teaching for three separate 3 hour sessions during the first term of each academic year on Preservation.

This teaching also enabled me to compile a distance learning module as part of the Diploma/Certificate in Professional Studies: Archives and Records Management - C4 Preservation Management. This module has also been produced as a group of E-learning Units that are available solely on the Internet.

University College London (2008 - ongoing); Department of Information Studies; MA in Archives and Records Management

In 2013 the MA was completely revamped to reflect the needs of students and acknowledges the very real demands of digital records. This has been very rewarding and has resulted in a number of joint teaching sessions, and the opportunity to extend both teaching and formal coursework structures and content. Additionally, I sit on the Board of Examiners, provide detail on the modules that I teach at the annual Options Fair, and assist with the submissions for the professional accreditation of the UCL course.

I also teach a preservation session to the students on the Library and Information qualification in Term 1. I do not have any marking responsibility for this session.

I provide two distinct teaching modules:

(including the International MA/Diploma students)

Curation & Stewardship - this is a jointly taught module of x6 morning sessions.

I set and first mark the coursework for this module.

(open additionally to students from the Library & Information diplomas and external students)
Collections Care - this is a specialised option and consists of x10 afternoon sessions. I manage this module as an advanced seminar programme, with the opportunity for class discussion and break-out sessions. The seminars include:
  • Two visits to specialist repositories
  • Eight guest lecturers who are experts in their fields
I set and first mark the coursework for this module.
(MA and the International MA/Diploma students)
In this term, I have the opportunity to mentor students who undertake a dissertation subject with a preservation theme. I am the first marker.