Throughout the development of my business I have striven to ensure a number of principles:

  1. Always think creatively (and laterally)
  2. Be pragmatic where appropriate
  3. Never take on more than you can manage
  4. Be flexible

I hope that I have achieved these aims most of the time and please do ask me for references.

My work has now covered a wide range of clients and areas of specialism, but the main elements of my work have primarily been concentrated on the analysis of collection needs.

This has included:

  • Surveys
  • Audits
  • Grant applications
  • Building specification evaluations
  • Conservation workshop design and specifications
  • Expert interview support
  • Teaching
  • Analysis of problems

This has involved me working with other agencies and individuals and has often led to the development of new approaches. In many ways the taking-a-step-back position has suited my working style and I know that I work well with people and can encourage and enable big changes in organisations.


So, to look in more detail, I have:

  • Completed Conservation Management Plans for Heritage Lottery Fund applications
  • Carried out surveys of whole collections
  • Carried out surveys of small, discrete collections
  • Devised tailor-made survey databases
  • Provided conservation specifications
  • Analysed problems with buildings and storage areas
  • Designed (in detail) conservation workshops
  • Specified conservation equipment
  • Sourced and specified packaging for a wide range of collection formats
  • Advised on environmental monitoring programmes
  • Designed disaster plans
  • Produced guidance policies and compiled strategies
  • Researched and produced training programmes
  • Presented lectures to a wide range of participants
  • Produced presentations for senior management and politicians