About Me

I am a self-employed, preservation and collections management consultant with over 30 years experience both within local government and as self-employed consultant. I am a professionally qualified archive conservator, with my special area being the issues affecting paper. I am an accredited member of the Institute of Conservation and I am listed on the Conservation Register. I offer specialist advice on the preservation management of paper-based materials in heritage collections to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors, and internationally, across archives, museums and libraries.

My main skill is in identifying collection risks and needs, and presenting those findings within the overall collection care framework. I seek to focus in on the complexities of caring for collections and present clients with a plan of action that is prioritised and realistic. As I have worked as a practicing archive conservator and held senior management positions, I believe this gives me a unique perspective and enables me to make sound, and sometimes pragmatic, decisions.

Most recently (since the beginning of 2016), I am very pleased to be additionally employed by the National Conservation Service and so run this work alongside my consultancy business. I now work 3 days per week as NCS's Lead Conservation Advisor, and this new challenge requires me to work with NCS's steadily growing membership of archives, libraries and museums. I am also be working to promote NCS's conservation services and to assist those who wish to join the NCS Collaborative Storage Scheme, operated in partnership with Restore at the Upper Heyford aerodrome site. I am additionally really pleased to be working alongside my colleague Chris Woods to grow the NCS membership and develop a strong network of support for institutions across the UK.

I have also dedicated a good deal of my energies to professional (unpaid) work as I sincerely believe that it is important to contribute to the profession and that this gives me a wider appreciation of the archival world. I have held office on a variety of professional committees, including executive and special interest positions. In December 2013, I became the chair of one of the International Council on Archives Expert Groups - Archive Buildings & Environments.

I have also endeavoured to spread my learning and my developing views on the world of conservation and collection care via publications, talks and by providing training modules. I am a co-author of the "Benchmarks in Collection Care for Museums, Archives and Libraries" and the Archive Skills Consultancy's training handbook for Basic Archive Skills. Additionally, I am also the author of a guidance leaflet, Library and Archive Storage Furniture, accessible on the British Library's website. In 2013, I was also pleased to be the co-author, with Dr. Helen Forde, of the key book on archives preservation for Facet.

I have lectured widely on preservation and collections management issues and I am the Honorary Lecturer delivering the Curation & Stewardship and Advanced Preservation modules as part of the MA in Archive Studies and Records Management at University College London.

My international work has included successful consultancy missions in The Gambia, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Macau, Vietnam, Grenada, France and the Netherlands. This has provided me with an important element of professional learning - how to make collection care relevant within developing countries and tropical climates.